Dorsata streamlines your development process
from start to finish

Evidence Gathering & Literature Review

Document the underlying evidence that builds the foundation for your care pathway. Curate appropriate literature into one location for easy access and review.

Initial Drafting

Utilize the Dorsata authoring tools to create an initial draft for your team to review. This draft is accessible to and editable by all members of your core editorial team.

Structured Peer Review

The most important step in care pathway development is a structured peer review process. Dorsata allows you to drive consensus efficiently amongst your clinical team.


Once content has been developed in Dorsata, it is accessible to all of your team members anywhere in the world via web browser or mobile device.

Maintain, Update and Improve

Once a care pathway is in use you can begin drafting an improved version that integrates feedback, new learnings, new literature and outcome analytics.

Our care pathway development lacked a formal process methodology

— until Dorsata

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